American tools at their best

I recently purchased your Alaskan Mill from a UK distributor. I write to tell you just how delighted I am with your justly famous and highly-thought-of jig. As a customer/user and a former Technical College Wood Trades teacher, I would hope that my honest observations may be of some interest to you.

First of all the build quality:

Your build quality demonstrates American tools at their best. One could not reasonably ask for better. It is a credit to you.


I found this jig extremely straightforward and easy to assemble with just an occasional reference to the excellent written instructions. I did not need to consult the video on the internet.

The price:

Excellent value for money. By no means cheap but most certainly not overpriced. If the rest of your products are the equal to this mill, then buyers are being well served by you.


An excellent product at the right price. If I were forced to criticize I would say that the Blade Guard, as supplied, is manufactured from white (plastic), which obstructs the view of the chainsaw bar while in use. Obviously, the transparent guard, (as shown in all of your literature and advertising materials), is a better solution. Although a little disappointed by that, I am certainly not losing sleep about it. It’s a marvelous tool. I shall never speak ill of “Colonials” again.

Yours faithfully,

James Horne.


  1. Avatar forRobert Neuman Robert Neuman on April 21, 2020 at 5:43 am

    I recently purchased a granberg chainsaw mill, and have seen that you came out with a new attachment for it! A pully system, I would like to purchase this item but cannot find it anywhere. Can you help me? Very sincerely Robert Neuman

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