Our Alaskan® Mill accessories make your Alaskan® Mill Chainsaws even more versatile and easy to use than they already are. Whether you’re looking to add roller brackets for easier cuts on rough, gnarled logs or needing an oil kit to extend the life of your saw bar, Granberg International’s Alaskan® Mill add-ons are exactly what you need. We’ve listened to our customers and created each of these add ons to make the milling process smoother and simpler for even the novice user. You can trust Granberg International to continue developing new processes, products and accessories you can count on to get the job done right.

Roller Brackets

Our 11” Roller Bracket System uses heat-resistant roller wheels to  lower friction and  feed pressure when using any size G778 Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill. This roller bracket system is easy to install on any standard or extended thrust end depth post and extremely durable with its glass-infused wheels and heavy-duty steel bushings. The roller bracket system ensures a smoother pass through the log, no matter how uneven log’s edge, making it an ideal accessory for your Alaskan® Mill chainsaw.

Conversion kits and size Upgrades

Our conversion and upgrade kits allow customers to convert their G777 Small Log Mill to a G778 MKIV Alaskan mill,  or to  upsize their existing MKIV  for increased milling width..The C2 Parts Kit provides additional stability on Alaskan® MKIV Mills and C2 Kits over 48 inches. The  G996 On/Off Bar Kit enables the user to place a second grip point on larger mills..

Extended Depth Posts

The set of  Extended Depth Post - Nose End and the Extended Depth Post -Thrust End will increase the chainsaw cutting depth between 12” and 34” deep. Our Extended Depth Posts fit any standard size G778 or “C” package mill but can not be used with the G777.

Handle and Rail sets

The Granberg Handle and Rails Sets range in size from 24” to 84” and are used to set a maximum width of cut on Alaskan MKIV chainsaw mills Each handle and rail set will fit any G778 Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill or G777 Small Log Mill equipped with a conversion kit. If upsizing to a handle and rail set over 60 inches, additional C2 parts kits will be reqiured for maximum stability and rigidity.

Helper Handle

The helper handle (with roller) is used to adjust the c chain tension at the outboard end of the Alaskan mill. The Helper handle (no roller ) is used with a single ended saw bar for additional control over the nose end of the saw. If using the helper handle on a single end bar, it will be necessary to drill a hole in the bar to mount the Helper Handle.

Oiler Kit

The Auxiliary Oiler Kit is a great add-on used for Alaskan mill bars over 42” in length or that need extra lubrication. The kit will extend saw bar life by providing cooler cutting and preventing early bar wear. Newer saws with better oiling systems may not need additional lubrication on a single ended bar, but a double end bar will always require an oiler kit for maximum utility.

Each of our add-ons and accessories at Granberg International were created to provide customers with more versatility and capability. . No matter what the project or need, Granberg International has everything you will need to create an end product you’ll love. From homeowners to woodworkers, arborists to professional sawyers, our products are designed with to deliver the maximum result with minimal stress.

Contact our office for questions about our Alaskan® Mill add ons or any of our chain saw milling accessories. We look forward to working with you to help create something extraordinary.