Quick Release Clamp for Alaskan MKIV Mill ( Set of two)

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For use with MKIV mills (G778)

Not compatible with older (pre-2015) model MKIII (G776) mills

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Product Description

Set of two quick release clamps for your Alaskan MKIV Mill. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLD STYLE MKIII (G776) MILLS

With these clamps you can easily adjust the height of your Alaskan Mill without using any tools!

Watch the How To Video here.

Additional Information

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 in

8 reviews for Quick Release Clamp for Alaskan MKIV Mill ( Set of two)

  1. Ron

    These are a game changer in the field. No need for a wrench just unlock, change the height, lock down and go! Love these!

  2. Trustin Timber

    These certainly save time and make fine adjustments so much easier. Highly recommended

  3. Jarrod R

    This product is a game changer! Installation takes a few minutes and it makes thickness changes in seconds! The quick release handle has a good feel and is made from a superior material, like every Granberg product. My second favorite upgrade after the Alaskan Winch!

  4. Joseph

    Had the pleasure of trying these clamps out. Absolutely fantastic upgrade. Beautiful design and really easy to use. Makes changing the mill height quick and easy.

  5. Joe

    A must upgrade to your mill. Beautifully made and easy to use. Makes changing the height of your mill simple and quick.

  6. Overkill Woodcraft

    Thought this was going to be one of those “nice to have, but not totally necessary” upgrades…I was wrong. It’s awesome to have and while not be required, it seriously saves a ton of time. Yes it isn’t difficult change the height/depth to begin with, but this does make it that much easier and saves that much more time, which adds up in the field. It also makes it easier to fine-tune adjustments. Also, just like everything else I own from Granberg, the quality is top notch. Very glad I have it and would absolutely recommend it!

  7. Tree of Life Wood Works

    A must have accessory to any mill along with the Alaskan Winch.. Quick and easy toolless height adjustments on your mill with one hand. Well built and a great design. Tried and tested, highly recommended!

  8. Hugo Guzman (verified owner)

    I am so glad I pulled the trigger on these awesome quick release clamps!!! What a time saver and is very solid, I was worried that it would slip, but the design is excellent. Don’t think twice just get them!!!! I’m so glad I even bought them for all my other Alaskan Mills.

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