GB Double Ended Milling Bars

Compatible with all Granberg MKIV series chainsaw mills, our Granberg Double Ended Milling Bars were designed specifically for milling applications. Please note, these milling bars require either a second chain saw of equal size to the main engine,  or you will need to purchase our helper handle with roller and oiler kit to mount on the nose end of the bar..

Single End Bars (GB)

The GB Pro Top Single End Bars are for professional sawyers and are built to last through even the most demanding projects. Each single end bar is laser cut for precision shape, heat treated and tempered for high strength. They feature  precision-ground grooves, and a tough, high-tech alloy sprocket mounted on precision Swiss bearings. Our single end bar add-ons are compatible with all Granberg International chainsaw mills and feature durable and replaceable sprocket nose attachments. Bar adaptors are available to fit all major chainsaw brands’ mounting pattern.

Single-End Bars (Cannon)

For more heavy duty chainsaw milling and falling, the Cannon Superbar sprocket nose is the best choice for professionals. These single end bars will not warp under pressure of mounting G555B and G777 model mills and allow the operator to use the same bar on a variety of different saws. The Cannon Superbar fits Stihl 12mm mounts, but must have a Cannon Mount Adapter Plate if being used with Husqvarna or Jonsered style 9mm bar stud.

Double End Bars

The Double End Bars range in size from 44” to 96” and allow users to mount two sawsto a single bar to increase milling speed. Each double end bar is designed to work with either two powerheads of equal size or the G975 Helper Handle with Roller, and the G801A Oiler Kit (which is included with “C” packages). Our double end bars will mount to any chainsaw brand of proper size with the included bar stud adaptors. This bar size PDF will help you choose the right Double End Bar for your chainsaw.