Every tool at Granberg International is designed to make milling easier, faster, and more reliable. Our company strives to find better and more efficient ways for our customers to use chainsaws as well as to improve the parts and systems used with them. Our Granberg team uses the tools we sell on a regular basis to find new ways to improve or add on to our chainsaws to make them better as we continue to grow and learn. We don’t just design tools for our customers: we build tools that are meant to last through the years for a better milling experience.

The Granberg Alaskan Winch® System is one such product. It is a hand winch for the Alaskan® Mill that helps create a smooth, clean cut for the user. By using the Alaskan Winch® in combination with the Alaskan® Mill, you can cut a log up to 18 feet long with a smooth, clean cut. The lightweight design attaches easily to the cross rails of the chainsaw and is incredibly strong and durable. With the unique lever arm anchor included in the system, users can cut right to the end of the log, making cutting easier, faster, and more precise every time.

We have added a friction screw to our Alaskan Winch® System to keep the ripping cord from coming loose when milling is stopped for a short time. The friction screw holds the ripping cord in place to prevent the winch from unspooling when not in use.

All of our Alaskan Winch® Systems include the Winch, 38 feet of rope, and the lever arm anchor system. The anchor system helps keep the ripping cord tight for a smooth, clean cut all the way down the log. You can also order any replacement parts needed for the Alaskan Winch® System to keep your winch working for many years to come.

We have many smaller parts available for replacing to keep your winch system working properly. We have washers available for replacement, including spec washers, nylon washers, and flat washers. We also have every screw type used on the Alaskan Winch® system. These are the Long Button Head Screw, the Set Screw, the Small Button Head Screw, and the Wood Screw. You can also purchase the Retrofit Kit that has the Friction Screw inside. The kit allows any older model Alaskan Winch® systems to install the friction screw as this is a newer design added to our most recent release of the Alaskan Winch®.

If you are not sure whether the Alaskan Winch® system is right for you or whether you want to spend the money right now, we recommend reading reviews from our customers. Every review is real feedback from a customer who has already purchased the winch system, and we hope these reviews help you decide whether or not the Alaskan Winch® system is something that will help you in your milling. You can find the reviews on the Alaskan Winch® System page in the Reviews tab. We believe our winch system provides great value to each of our customers and makes milling easier, faster, and more precise, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

For questions about any of our products or more information, you can contact us any time. We always love hearing from our customers and appreciate feedback on our products as we continue to grow and innovate our products. We look forward to working with you and helping you create amazing things in the future. For even more information about the Alaskan Mill chainsaws, parts, and systems, visit our YouTube channel for how-to videos, new product releases, chainsaw maintenance tips, and more.