At Granberg International, we believe all products should be made with quality parts and the best processes to ensure durable, long-lasting use. This is why our products are all made right here in the USA. Keeping your blades sharp can also help keep your chainsaws and trimmers lasting longer through proper care so other parts don’t burn out faster than they should. We have a few different options for chainsaw sharpeners that can accommodate different size and types of chainsaws as well as parts for smaller replacement pieces that may go missing or need fixing from time to time.

12 Volt Sharpeners

We have several 12-volt chainsaw sharpener options, each giving our customers options depending on the tools being used or your preference of sharpener.

  • Our Dual Sharp sharpens both crosscut saw chains and hedge trimmers. It will hold all stone sizes for standard chain pitches and hedge trimmer blades.
  • The Grind-N-Joint is a belt-driven chainsaw sharpener that sharpens crosscut saw chains and holds all stone sizes for standard chain pitches.
  • Similarly named, the Grind-N-Joint II is a direct drive chainsaw sharpener that sharpens crosscut saw chains and will hold all stone sizes for standard chain pitches.
  • Our Precision Grinder is our most popular grinder and is the sharpener you can find included in our Alaskan® Mill Chainsaw Bundles. This is a bar-mounted chainsaw sharpener that sharpens all saw chains and will hold all stone sizes for standard chain pitches and lowering depth gauges. It is our most popular sharpening tool due to how easily adjustable it is, the file height and tooth length for an incredibly accurate grind, and its ability to lower depth gauges accurately. For most customers, this is the best option for a chainsaw sharpener.
  • The Sawtune. This chainsaw sharpener sharpens crosscut saw chains and will hold all stone sizes for standard chain pitches.

For more information, you can watch our YouTube video explaining How to Sharpen a Chain with Granberg’s G1012XT Precision Grinder. You can also find other helpful videos showing how to use many of our other products and other helpful information about chainsaw mills.

Stones and Files

The Stones and Files we sell at Granberg International are all quality products that will help keep your blades sharp and in proper working order. We have our Round Files for hand-operated filers as well as our Threaded Grinding Stones for Granberg motorized sharpeners and hedge trimmer attachments. The Threaded Grinding Stones are abrasive wheels that fit all Granberg 12-volt sharpening tools. The Sharpening Lubricant is a cooling compound used when sharpening chain with Granberg motorized sharpeners. This silicone-based wax can act as a coolant for any abrasive grinding wheel to help cool down the chain while being sharpened.

File Guides

Our File-N-Joint Bar is a mounted file guide system that was invented more than 60 years ago. The File-N-Joint is an industry standard for accuracy and durability and is a great sharpener for all saw chains. It’s made of cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel to help prevent corrosion and last longer due to its strength and durability. The cast aluminum also allows the File-N-Joint to weigh less, making it easier for use on the job. For long term use with a product that has held its functionality for decades, you can’t go wrong with the File-N-Joint Bar.

Spare Parts

They may be small, but Spare Parts can make the difference between purchasing a whole new product or spending much less on a small part to fix the tool you already have. All of our spare parts are important pieces that allow our customers to fix or replace a small piece that may have worn out over time or broken through wear and tear. While we work hard to ensure our products will last for years to come, often unforeseen problems or excessive wear requires a part to be replaced. So whether you’re looking for a Mandrel, Belt, Electrical Wires or Mounting Pieces for your chainsaw mill, we’ve got you covered.

For quality products you can trust, Granberg International has been the leading supplier for our customers for over 60 years. From inventing the File-N-Joint in 1954 to inventing the first 12-volt portable chainsaw sharpener, our founder never stopped believing that products could be made better to improve the industry standard. Our company’s history has always been about making milling better and more accurate, saving you time and money through better practices and better tools. Trust the company who has worked to help our customers grow their hobbies and businesses with quality products you can trust to get the job done better and faster every time.

If you have questions about our products or what products would be right for you, contact our office during normal business hours, and our team can help answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you and helping you create something incredible with our chainsaw mills, sharpeners, and more.