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    Part Number and name: G778-36 Alaskan Chainsaw mill, 36 inch

    Used for/with: Chainsaws with bars of 36” or less and 70cc or more displacement

    Fits: All Chainsaw makes

    General description: Basic Mill (G778) and 36-inch Handle and Rail Set (G781-36): Tubular Aircraft aluminum extrusion and zinc-plated steel parts. Instruction manual & assembly hardware. High-quality U.S. made aircraft aluminum and steel. MADE IN THE USA.

    Use description: This versatile, heavy-duty chainsaw lumber mill accurately cuts planks and beams up to 32” wide and 1/2” to 13” deep. Clamps onto your chainsaw bar with no drilling required.  Lightweight and portable, enables user to mill lumber where the tree falls. No previous experience required! New CNC-Machined billet end brackets! (See photo) These new end brackets are more accurate, easier to adjust, create less vibration than the old die cast version and are virtually unbreakable. Perfect for homeowners, woodworkers, arborists and sawyers.  Optimal results will be had when used in conjunction with Granberg ripping chain and first cut platforms.

    PLEASE NOTE: Using this mill with a bar of 22 inches and less may affect compatibility with G850 Slabbing brackets, as the available cutting width will be less than the width of slabbing brackets (16″). 






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    Additional Information

    Shipping weights and dimensions: 37”x14”x4” 20lbs.

    Related products: Ripping chain, EZ rail system (G1010) or Slabbing Rail Brackets (G850).

    7 reviews for 36″ ALASKAN® MKIV CHAINSAW MILL – G778-36

    1. Avatar forGary


      This was my first venture into milling my own wood for future projects. I did a lot of research, and settles on the 36″ mill. The assembly was very straight-forward, and the high quality photos were a huge help for those of us who are more visual than just words.

      I coupled this with a brand new MS661 since a larger saw is recommended for use with this size mill. The “learning” curve was very small, but easy enough after watching the many Youtube videos that help one to understand the concept.

      The only disappointment I have is that my 25″ bar only allowed for about a 17″ wide slab. This is easily remedied by purchasing a larger bar, so not a deal breaker.

      Great quality that should last me many years.

    2. Avatar forCritical Dimensions

      Critical Dimensions

      I have had my 36” mill for a few months now and i am really impressed! It is super easy to mount, easy to use and easy to adjust depths. Mine has been mounted on a husqvarna 272xp as well as a Stihl ms880. Both are very easy to attach and the adjustments are a breeze. Just keep a chainsaw screw driver/tool handy and you will be able to fit all nuts and bolts.

      I am especially happy with the precision of the cuts! I expected 1/8”-1/4” error by the end of the cut… i set mine for 2.5” thick slabs and they were all dead on the money 2.5”!! The husqvarna 272xp has decent vibration so you’d expect some of the nuts and bolts to walk a little bit after a few hours of cutting not once did i have to retighen anything.

      Over all i highly recommend Granberg to anyone interested in milling! You will not be disappointed! I already have 2 or 3 other items on my wish list from Granberg. Thank you for making an easy milling process.

    3. Avatar forRichard Moore

      Richard Moore

      I love this mill! I have been using it for over a year and it has done everything I’ve asked of it. Quality product made by a quality company. The only issue I’ve had was a problem with the U-bolts breaking, but the company stands behind their lifetime guarantee and once I let them know about it they sent some to me right away. Can’t ask for better service than that.

      Another thing I love about the mill is the ability to add length to it without having to buy a whole new set up. I recently was contracted to mill several logs that were much wider than the 36” mill could handle. All I had to do was order a larger set of rails and I’m ready to tackle the larger logs!

      I would recommend this company and their products to anyone who is wanting to start milling their own lumber. The learning curve is small and the quality of the product is unmatched. I can’t say enough good things.

    4. Avatar forRich H

      Rich H

      I have thousands of hours on my mill now. It is an awesome tool. I did my research on granberg and their Alaskan mills before buying and am very glad I did. I recently had some bolts strip and break and granberg quickly sent replacement parts free of charge. They are great people to deal with and stand behind their products. I look forward to continuing to expand my granberg arsenal!! Their quality is great and service is even better!

    5. Avatar forGary Gossling

      Gary Gossling

      I am very happy with my 48″ mill after a year of use. As others have said the learning curve is short and easy. I have cut about 200 live edge slabs and have paid for the mill many times over. In my opinion anyone who is not happy with it had unrealistic expectations or does not know how to use it.

    6. Avatar forMark Macik

      Mark Macik (verified owner)

      Got the Alaskan saw mill for my birthday! One of the best gifts I have ever gotten. I live on 100 acres and have trees a plenty to mill. The whole jig is very intuitive. First couple slabs came out perfect with no prior experience. With a Stihl 461 I can slab 10ft sections in 30 min from start to finish. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to start milling for a very small price.

    7. Avatar forChandhu



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