Using a Granberg Mill with the innovative “LogOx”

Today we’re highlighting Austin Roberts from LogOx, a company built on a highly innovative and unique product useful in all facets of the wood industry.

With the slogan, “American tools for woodsmen”, the LogOx is completely manufactured in the USA and was created by Austin’s father. An engineer by trade, he spent every fall and spring in the Vermont wilderness working with wood. Looking for a way to load logs from the ground to the log splitter without hurting his back, he came up with the idea for the LogOx.

Once he had a rough prototype, he took it to a local metal shop for further development. From there, he patented the product and began looking for companies that would be interested in purchasing or licensing it. Shortly thereafter, Swisher Inc. decided to work with him as a manufacturing partner.

It was during this time that Austin came home from his service in the Army. Looking for the next career step to take, he started to get more fully involved in the family business. Soon, he had stopped thinking about which career path to take and was instead working 7 days a week at LogOx, where he was happily putting all of his efforts into the success and growth of the business.

Soon, Austin started taking the LogOx to various product shows in several different niches. From tree service to homesteading, people were fascinated at the compact and unique nature of the product.

From its log hauler component that helps grab log rounds off the ground without bending over, to the most compact and portable 38in long Cant Hook on the market, the LogOx can be disassembled and carried the same way as you would backpack. In addition, it also hosts a timberjack, something that many woodworkers and tree guys still haven’t heard about, but when they see it… get excited.

Granberg and the LogOx

  • Finding himself next to Granberg International at the Bailey’s Show, Austin gave them a LogOx to take home and try out. They loved the product so much that they’ve decided to partner some of their Alaskan Mill line tools with LogOx for upcoming joint promotions!

We’re looking forward to seeing what Alex and the LogOx brand come up with next!