Granberg’s Clip-N-Trim

Great tool to have in your truck if you’re a landscaper or tree care professional and have a small chain saw. Mounts in a few minutes with just one bolt and the case cover and you’re ready to cut the heavy stuff.

YouTube video

Elof Granberg invented the Clip-n-Trim in the early 70’s after someone complained that they kept getting branches stuck in their saw when cutting brush. The beauty of this tool is that it captures the branch and holds it against the chain so that you can cut it without it flying all over the place.

Granberg’s Clip-N-Trim turns your chainsaw into a powerful hedge trimmer. Attaches easily, cuts weeds and brush, prunes trees, and fits all types of lightweight chainsaws. 

Mr. Granberg uses his Clip-N-Trim accessory to trim his trees.