Granberg sponsers Womanfacture, a Pop-Up workshop based in Brooklyn.

Granberg recently sponsored @Womanfacture, a Brooklyn based pop up that holds workshops for women. This one focused on New York Heartwoods (NYH),  a woman-owned, mission-driven maker of timeless heirloom-quality furniture and custom residential and commercial designs made with wood from fallen and urban Hudson Valley trees.
Founded in 2011, New York Heartwoods sees their business  “as a force that can create solutions for our environment and communities.” 
With a mission based on sustainability and fine craftsmanship, NYH has been featured in several articles from high profile magazines such as :

Proud to have been apart of the New York Heartwoods pop-up, Womanfacture sums up their mission this way – “We are curators of premium workshop experiences for women in New York City.  Our aim is to elevate and empower women through exposure to worlds of bespoke trade, craft, and hobby otherwise aimed at men. We are a network of inspiring women from all fields coming together to learn, make and build. ”

Featuring workshops that include everything from car mechanics to this month’s topic – sawmilling, Womanfacture gives female makers the encouragement and environment they need to pursue interests in areas that are typically male-dominated. Having this female-driven space is a great way to ease the pressure of what would usually be an intimidating project to try.
Womanfacture’s founder puts it this way: “In my career as a commercial Interior Designer, I have had to have many conversations with the people of trade industries. I grew up in a modest, rural home where my father taught me to make and fix just about anything. Having that understanding of how things work has fueled my problem solving, communication skills, and to be honest, my career.  As founder of Womanfacture, my goal is to collect amazing and interesting women to bring through our workshops in order to change their viewpoints on how things work in their worlds. The skills learned and relationships formed are unique and lasting experiences. You don’t want to miss out on being a part!”
Stay tuned!
📸 @staceylestrella