Cedar, Tornadoes, and Firefighting…Granberg User Highlight: Kyle Pikula

When a freak tornado came across Kyle Pikula’s 60-acre property, it tried to take a giant and ancient Cedar tree with it. Curious as to the age of the tree, Kyle had a forester friend of his come in. He estimated the tree was 300 to 320 years old!

Working primarily as a Fire Fighter and Paramedic for the City of Fernandina Beach, Kyle also runs tractors, cuts trees, or landscapes as a side gig. Given his prior tree cutting experience, he knew that a tree this size was going to need some serious equipment. Right away, he began researching mill options.

During his portable mill research, 75% of the reviews that he read pointed him towards the Granberg chainsaw mill line. After short consideration and hearing the expensive quote of a local portable chainsaw mill owner, he knew having his own equipment to mill this giant would be well worth the cost.

Using his brand new 48” Granberg Alaskan Mill and Granberg Slabbing Brackets , Kyle cut the middle and base trunk into 3 sections and left it to dry for the past two years.

Recently, Kyle did right by the great old cedar and produced this fine finished product…

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