Dealer Highlight: Sahanpuru

With a slogan like “When everything is made of wood, our job here is done!” it was only right that Sahanpuru become a part of the Granberg family as one of our product dealers. Operating out of Finland, they’re one of the teams that helps put the word international in our name!

Not only does Sahanpuru sell our Alaskan Mill, they also offer courses on the proper use and care of the machine- something that we truly appreciate! Sahanpuru’s efforts in increasing customers’ levels of safety and productivity doesn’t stop at courses either. They also offer e-books and magazines on a variety of woodworking and tree climbing topics.

One glance at Sahanpuru’s Instagram page and you can see why they’re so much more than tool dealers. They live and breath the sawyer lifestyle and personally use the products they sell for their own wood ventures. Not a week goes by that helpful instructional videos or product demonstrations don’t pop up on their feed. The people at Sahanpuru clearly have a passion for what they do and find joy in sharing that passion with their customers and social audience.

When they’re not sharing videos or pictures, the crew at Sahanpuru is constantly attending events, reading product information, and anything else that increases their knowledge of the products they sell and the people who buy them.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, helpful tips, or product training today, stop by their website at or follow them on Instagram @sahanpuru