Sail Cargo: Building a Cargo Ship With A Granberg Chainsaw Mill

Today we’re talking with Danielle Doggett of Sail Cargo Inc. Starting out as a sailor aboard the ship Swan Fan Makkum when she was only 16, Danielle had a dream to build a full wood cargo-only sailing vessel. Stationed in Sail Cargo’s eco-shipyard in Costa Rica, the construction of this vessel dubbed – Ceiba is a wonder to watch. Coming in at 150 ft., Ceiba is being constructed entirely out of sustainably sourced and eco-friendly lumber. For example, its keel was constructed entirely out of storm-fallen mountain tamarind that had been uprooted by a hurricane in Upala.

This use of salvaged lumber is part of Danielle’s vision: to nurture traditional woodwork skills in the timber industry, while at the same time conserving the forest. Additionally, Sail Cargo’s use of the Granberg Alaskan Mill has been key in allowing the team to go into parts of the forest they wouldn’t otherwise be able to and mill necessary lumber for the ship.

Danielle recalls a moment during this project where she was able to purchase large amounts of Del Monte hardwood for the vessel. Sourced from the wreckage of Hurrican Otto, the Del Monte wood was perfect for building the core part of the ship. However, the most gratifying part of the transaction was that the proceeds were able to help Hurricane Otto victims.

If this vessel wasn’t already impressive enough, Ceiba will also have a 100% electric engine with auxiliary power that will be 100% renewably sourced.  Due to the high torque efficiency of electric engines, Ceiba‘s engine will only need to be about 120 horsepower, half the amount of what most other engine designs require.

While clearly having a strong desire to keep traditional skills alive in the timber industry, Danielle She also hopes to create awareness of the damage the shipping industry is doing. You can note this as Ceiba is actually an acronym for, “Carbon-Negative Marine Freight”

Keeping in line with her passion, Danielle shows the value of practicing sustainable forestry as well as offering emission-free shipping services,  10% of which goes to support ecological practices, namely deforestation.



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