Granberg User Highlight: Mark Dubac

Our customers never cease to amaze us and Mark Dubac is certainly no exception! A Clarinet player in the Oregon Symphony by day and a Granberg user by night, It seems Mark has found a way to truly achieve that perfect work/fun balance!

When it comes to merging his two worlds, Mark even comments in his Instagram feed how he was able to sell a slab to a student who happened to be in his workshop for a clarinet lesson. Now, that’s some salesmanship.

In addition to milling, Mark also creates. One of his more popular items are his beautiful custom cutting boards. Taking advantage of the current market demand, he’s even put to use the hashtag #cuttingboardsforclarinetplayers.

Mark’s work and vibrant personality have caught the eye of more than just us! He was featured this past holiday season in Sustainable Northwest Wood’s “12 Days of Woodworking” series.

Keep up the amazing work, Mark! We love to see our products being put to good use!

Check out Mark’s work on Instagram @mjdubac