Review of Small Log Chainsaw Mill

Dear Mr. Granberg,

After years of reading and researching different products to mill my own lumber, I choose your companies product. I purchased your Small Log Chainsaw Mill this spring. I also went found a nice 038AV (which is rated around 70cc)- the smallest recommended for that mill. Since that time, I can’t say enough of how pleased I am with the mill.

As long as my slab cuts are setup and aligned properly, each board I mill comes out perfect. I also purchased one Granberg ripping chain for the saw. I have tried the best chains for ripping, and yours is the smoothest, straightest, and most reliable. It does however seem to need more attention as far as sharpening, and trades off speed for smoothness of cut. Since my purchase, I have milled Cherry, Maple, Cottonwood, and Locust. I have found out that if you try to go too fast in your cuts- your chain dulls quickly. But just taking it easy and not “rushing” turns out beautiful boards, that almost don’t need planing.

Sending information along with a DVD was a major advantage in my decision to buy Granberg. Your website has a lot of material along with videos and pictures. Not sure if you’re aware of how important this is to common buyers like myself, but it really is! Before making my purchase, I sent you an email. You addressed my concerns. Responded-and I appreciate that. Nice job.

James, Ohio

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