EDGING MILL – G555B *Previously Mini Mill*

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    Product Description


    Part Number and name: Edging Mill – G555B

    Used for/with: Chainsaws with bars of 16-36” and 50-70cc or more displacement


    Fits: All Chainsaw makes




    General description: Aircraft aluminum and zinc-plated steel construction. Includes 12 feet of V rail as cutting guide (0590F), wood screws (0567F)  and forming nails (0587F).

    Use description: Tighten pressure bolts on to chain bar to make vertical cuts. Ideal for making dimensional lumber or squaring logs for cabins and other structures. Optimal results will be had when used in conjunction with Granberg ripping chain. Results and lumber dimensions vary based on chain bar length.


    Additional Information

    Shipping weights and dimensions: 25”x8.5”x3” 7 lbs.

    Related products: Ripping chain, V rail (0590f), wood screws (0567f), pressure bolts (0768F)

    6 reviews for EDGING MILL – G555B *Previously Mini Mill*

    1. scott grizzle

      This is the perfect accessory to go with the bigger alaskan mills.everything I’ve ever purchased from granberg has been 100% quality, and the customer service is outstanding. I broke a u bolt on my mill and it was totally my fault and I told them that,but it didn’t matter,they had a new part in the mail in less than a week,no cost.cant say enough positive things about granberg products and the customer service.

    2. Knobster

      Works great! I turned an 8ft log into a nice looking beam. I have not yet tried to turn the beam into lumber so I can only speak to how well this mill works to make a post. The reason I gave this 4 instead of 5: the mill has instructions to torque the bolts 10-12 foot pounds onto the chainsaw bar. If you do that, you WILL put indents into your bar. I had planned to get an extra bar for the chainsaw anyway but this now-dented bar will always be used for milling.

    3. Ashraf

      I am from India. We would like to know MINI-MILL – G555B. May i know what is the maxium diameter of logs we can first cut from this mini mill. We have a Sharpex electrical chain saw. Any dealer or representative in india

    4. Thomas

      This Granberg mini mill model g555b is a great tool for making boards out of logs.
      The first cut is most important as it dictates the straightness of your remaining cuts. The tip I would provide for the first cut is to nail or screw ( I used screws ) a short 2 X 4 to either end of the log, with the middle of this short 2 X 4 at the height of the top most round part of the log. Make sure this short 2 X 4 is level by placing a level on it. Once these short 2 X 4s are attached to either end of the log, then lay the 2 X 6 that the rails are attached to, onto the log and over these short 2 X 4s at either end. Align this 2 X 6 to the width you want the first cut to be. Screw or nail down the 2 X 6 and you are now ready to cut.
      Once this first cut is made, the subsequent cuts are very easy.
      This tool was fantastic for making straight and long cuts.
      Be sure to keep the chainsaw sharp and obtain a ripping chain versus a normal safety chain saw chain.
      I have used this tool on white pine and oak logs and am very satisfied with the results.

    5. juan

      Hola me gustaría adquirir una como hago .??? GRACIAS

    6. Sergio G.

      This is the first time I have try to mill my own lumber, I did a research to see what kind of mill would be more appropriate for me, and the G555B looks to be the most suitable for this task and at a fair price.
      As I mentioned earlier i don’t have any experience milling logs. but using this mill make the job really simple and and easy to do so.
      I highly recommend this mill to any one that is starting or is in need for an edging mill.
      The construction is very solid and reliable.
      I’d used with a crosscut chain and the cuts where really clean, better than anticipated.
      I’ve ordered the ripping chain and I’m very exited to give it a try, for what I understand this will make a real difference in the quality of the cuts.

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