Feedback From Germany

Good evening (or whatever it is where you are). I’ve been in touch with you a couple of times, because a few months ago I bought an Alaskan 36″ chainsaw mill in an online auction and, because some of the parts hadn’t arrived, I thought I might have to re-order. As I live in Germany, that could have been difficult. In fact the parts turned up about a week later – it seems the rails confused German customs, and they didn’t know what to do with them. Since then I’ve spent many an enjoyable hour sawing beech logs with what I would like to congratulate you on as an outstanding product.

What I need now is a Mini Chainsaw Mill to use as an edger. I’m not sure whether I can order directly from you or whether I should go through your distributor in Germany. In your last e-mail to me (sometime before Christmas) you gave me the name and address of your distributor here, which I promptly lost. I want to order a Mini Chainsaw Mill and some ripping chain, so if you could tell me which channel you prefer me to use, I’ll go straight ahead.

Thanks once again

Harry Orr

From North to South and East to West – GRANBERG Products ARE the BEST!

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