Exceeding Expectations

Hi Granberg Guys,

Nice meeting all of you the other day. I have been meaning to get back to you and let you know that the new ripping chain I bought from you is great.

Don and I went right to work “testing” out the new chain. The break in stretch was not too bad. I had to adjust it a couple of times and then it settled down and made some serious sawdust. We slabbed another 800 + bd.ft. of oak and a few hundred Bd.ft. of redwood for a deck I am building at my house. I’ll shoot you a few photos.

At any rate the chain exceeded my expectations. It cuts fast and I uses much less gas than the old chain to get the same job done. The power head is not working as hard. My old perfectly good chain is now sitting in my tool box waiting to cover the job when and if I blow out or break the new chain. I may pick up a second ripping chain as a back-up.

I’ll try to get back up there to see how the new slabbing mill is coming together. That should be another winner.

Thanks again for being an AMERICAN MADE company proving we can compete and make a superb product.


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