Adding A Chainsawmill to Your Woodworking Business With Slumberyard Handcrafted

In this episode, we interview Joshua Kincaid a sawmill business owner from Rockford, Illinois.

While Woodworking with his grandfather, Joshua as a child, saw his passion. In 2016 he started his own woodworking business creating custom furniture. He climbed the ladder from woodworking small furniture to getting a Granberg Alaskan mill and started a sawmilling business!

Joshua started his business with Granberg after doing some research, Granberg is one of the best products out there. Granberg was most appealing to Joshua mainly because it is a brand that stands behind their product, and is a decent expenditure.

While in the grind stage, Joshua is actively doing things to grow his business and get his name out there. In the area he lives he goes door to door giving out his business card. Especially after violent storm hits.

The grand vision for growing his business is upgrading equipment since right now he just uses a lot hand me downs. He plans to get better power tools to increase production and improve quality. He also plans to be more in control of the business process. From knowing where the tree came from, dried, and how it was treated the whole way through- To delivering the product to the customer. He finds having that control very appealing and efficient.

Joshua tries to follow other business on Instagram, Youtube, and internet articles to see what is working best, and then models his own business practices after what works. He stays unbiased, meaning he wants to see what everyone’s best practices are.

Using the chainsaw mill

Joshua offers the best advice- start small with better, quality tools. There is no need to go big right out of the gate. Meaning, don’t buy lower quality tools. Save yourself frustration by working your way up when you can afford big equipment that is also quality and efficient. Keep Connecting to the influential individuals in the sawmill industry, keep up with the latest trends, and be looking for better ways of doing things, Keep teaching yourself and be open to education that will make your practices better.

He also has a prototype for a Greenland kayak paddle. After creating the blueprint with his friend he was finally able to get started. Creating this prototype was a big achievement!

For the future, he plans to grow his business by investing in bigger, more efficient equipment! Out with the hand-me-downs and small tools so that he can mill larger logs.

Granberg stays together really well and is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about getting tired easily. This product is ready right out of the box and only takes 10 minutes to assemble.

One thing that will keep Joshua a Granberg customer, is staying engaged on social media!

Get in touch with Joshua through social media. Find him at:

Instagram: @slumberyardhandcrafted