SKIP RIP CHAIN .404 X .063


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Granberg Skip Rip features our classic ripping modification on a chain with a 3 -1 drive tooth to cutter ratio, meaning there are 3 drive links between every cutter tooth. This chain sequence enables higher speed and smoother cutting on large logs. Also, fewer cutters means quicker sharpening. Available in .404 only.

Debarking and scanning for metal is highly recommended as the reduced cutter count can mean more damage to each individual tooth in the event that you encounter something in the bark or body of the log.

Don’t see your link count listed? Call our sales department at 800-233-6499 and we will happily
cut one to order!



PART NUMBER: G7303SK-104DL. 104 DRIVE LINKS. $61.00.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-108DL. 108 DRIVE LINKS. $63.22.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-111DL. 111 DRIVE LINKS. $64.87

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-122DL. 122 DRIVE LINKS. $71.06

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-123DL. 123 DRIVE LINKS. $71.56.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-124DL. 124 DRIVE LINKS. $72.13. Fits G778-30C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-134DL. 134 DRIVE LINKS. $77.74

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-138DL. 138 DRIVE LINKS. $79.97. Fits G778-36C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-142DL. 142 DRIVE LINKS. $82.20.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-148DL. 148 DRIVE LINKS. $85.50.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-152DL. 152 DRIVE LINKS. $87.81

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-154DL. 154 DRIVE LINKS. $88.88. Fits G778-48C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-173DL. 173 DRIVE LINKS. $99.44.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-176DL. 176 DRIVE LINKS. $101.17

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-177DL. 177 DRIVE LINKS. $101.75.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-178DL. 178 DRIVE LINKS. $102.24. Fits G778-56C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-180DL. 180 DRIVE LINKS. $103.40.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-190DL. 190 DRIVE LINKS. $108.93.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-192DL. 192 DRIVE LINKS. $110.08.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-194DL. 194 DRIVE LINKS. $111.15. Fits G778-60C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-196DL. 196 DRIVE LINKS. $112.31.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-220DL. 220 DRIVE LINKS. $125.67. Fits G77872C2

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-222DL. 222 DRIVE LINKS. $126.83.

PART NUMBER: G7303SK-250DL. 250 DRIVE LINKS. $142.42. Fits G778-84C2


General Description: Granberg ripping saw chain is made up of one set (2) scoring cutters and one set (2) clearing cutters. While there are many companies that sell chain for milling, no other company offers ripping chain that features our specific modifications to the top plate. Our process shaves off approximately half of the tooth lengthwise on the first and second cutter links of each 4 link group. By this method, each tooth takes only ¼ of the kerf, takes less feeding pressure than conventional chain, cuts faster, smoother, and takes less power than conventional full tooth (cross cut) chain.



While Granberg always strives to provide the best quality product possible, it is impossible for us to anticipate everything that might go wrong with an individual milling experience.  For that reason, we do not offer any warranty on Granberg ripping chain. Even under ideal conditions, milling and rip cuts are inherently hard on chain, and you should expect to sharpen your chain every 3-5 cuts. You can find a list of best practices to prevent damaged chain here.

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