84″ Handle and Rail Set – G781-84


Handle and Rail Set

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    Product Description

    The Handle and Rail Set is used to set maximum width of cut on Alaskan MK-IV Mills.

    Part Number and name: G781-84

    Used for/with: Will fit any G778 or G777 equipped with a conversion kit.

    Fits: All chain saws with bars of 48-84”

    General description: 84” aircraft aluminum and zinc plated tubing

    Use description: Can be used to convert another size G778 to 84” (may require a G778-17 C2 parts kit) or a G777 with a conversion kit (will also require a G778-17 C2 parts kit ) to a G778-84.






    Additional Information

    Shipping weights and dimensions: 84”x4”x2” 14 lbs

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