C2 PARTS KIT (Bracket & Hardware) – G778-17


C2 PARTS KIT (Bracket & Hardware)

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    Product Description

    Part Number and name: G778-17 C2 parts kit

    Used for/with: Provides additional stability on Alaskan Mills and “C” Package mills

    Fits: Alaskan MK IV (G778) – all sizes; Complete Alaskan MK IV “C” packages – all sizes. Not for use with G777.

    General description: Zinc-plated steel and aircraft aluminum. Kit consists of 0799F on-off bar, 0784F tie bar, 0881F end bracket and associated hardware.

    Use description: Attach between G781 thickness rails and 0793 handle to create an additional contact point for superior stability





    Additional Information

    Shipping weights and dimensions: 12”x5”x7” 1.2lb

    Related products: G996 on-off bar kit.


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