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    Our most popular Grinder! Sharpens all types of chain (cross cut, ripping chain, skip tooth). Quickly mounts to chainsaw bar. Easily adjust the angle, file height and tooth length to get the most accurate cut. Pull chain through the groove of the bar and sharpen away. Another unique feature is the ability to lower depth gauges accurately.

    May require slight modification to base when used on bars 54″ and up.

    Part Number and name: G1012XT Precision Grinder

    Used for/with: Sharpening all saw chains

    Fits: Will hold all stone sizes for standard chain pitches and lowering depth gauges.

    General description: 12-volt, 24,000 rpm motorized chain saw sharpener made of cast aluminum, molded poly carbonate and zinc-plated steel. Includes one each of 5/32”, 3/16”, and 7/32” stones to sharpen standard chain pitches. Motor pulls 4 amps/48 watts

    Use description: Use calibrated swivel guide markings to set and hold correct sharpening angle. Integrated features allow users to set file height and tooth length.




    HISTORY: Elof Granberg introduced this as the FIRST hand held 12 volt sharpener to the chainsaw accessory market in the 70’s. Why is that important?  We originated the tool so we’ve had longer than anyone else to develop it and we set the standard. Every other bar mounted grinder is a copy of the standard we created!

    Additional Information

    Shipping weights and dimensions: 15”x7”x5” 3lb

    Related products: Granberg’s Blue Grit sharpening stones in packs of three. G417-3 (5/32”), G418-3 (3/16”), G419-3 (7/32”), G420-3 (1/4”), G421-3 (9/32”), G422-3 (5/16”), G424-3 (3/8”); Kool Grind lubrication compound, G440


    1. Avatar forJohn Hamilton

      John Hamilton

      I have 3 chainsaws and 5 wooded acres of property. I tried hand filing and never was able to do a satisfactory job on my chains. Before I bought my Granberg, I used to wait until my chains were starting to dull and take them in for sharpening. I finally bought the Granberg and I actually kind of look foreword to sharpening chains myself. There’s a slight learning curve but very quickly you’ll be having razor sharp chains every time you cut!!! Just know what the pitch of your chain(s) are and use the correct grinding stones.

    2. Avatar forJon B

      Jon B

      I can’t praise this little guy enough nor the company behind it. This sharpener makes sharpening a blade evenly a breeze. It is like having a workbench sharpener out in the woods. I run mine off a Milwaukee 12v battery pack so I can get a ways back and not have to run to the truck to sharpen my chain every time. The company sent me new parts no questions when I had a bent shaft. Love this tool and this company.

    3. Avatar forTerry L. Brown

      Terry L. Brown

      This is by far the most precise sharpener out there for the price. it does a great job. Take a few minutes to understand the set up and you will be glad you purchased one.

    4. Avatar forDave T

      Dave T

      After 5 minutes of use the motor assembly developed a clunking noise from within…like something had come loose. I sent complaints to Granberg’s CS department but received no reply. After a couple of attempts I finally received a response from the seller, Forestry Suppliers who offered to help me deal with getting either a refund or warranty repair from Granberg. My low rating applies to Granberg and their product and not to the seller, who has been the only bright spot in this whole process.

    5. Avatar forscott grizzle

      scott grizzle

      I can’t say enough positive things about granberg products and their customer service. I have a alaskan 36″ saw mill ,the G555b mini mill,and several ripping chains and all are top notch.i wish every company handled business the way granberg dose.cant wait to get this precision grinder home and put it to work.

    6. Avatar forHugh D

      Hugh D

      Awesome tool – it took me a few tries to get it and myself dialed in, but I feel like I’m getting my chain factory sharp again, for the first time ever. I’d had my local Stihl service shop sharpen my chain a couple of times, but I can now get a better result myself. Using the tool for setting raker depth works really well too, no depth guage required, no guesswork around adjusting raker depth to suit a particular wood.

    7. Avatar forShane Schwark

      Shane Schwark

      The Granberg 12v G1012XT chain sharpener is the best sharpener I have ever used. I cut a ton of firewood every year and run a coupla chainsaw mills too. The fastest easiest way to keep your chains sharp hands down!!

    8. Avatar forBrian R

      Brian R (verified owner)

      I’m not a professional but I use a chain saw a lot, and I’d always struggled with getting a really good result with all the various hand-sharpening methods, jigs and devices, to the extent that I often wondered whether the effort was worth it, the chain was certainly less dull afterwards but nowhere near as sharp as it once was, and the edge would quickly go again; but this little grinder has made me a believer!

      First, the bad news – compared with something like the Husqvarna Sharpforce all-in-one file, it’s a lot slower, from first tooth to last, not least because there is a set-up process which requires a certain amount of precision, you can’t just clamp it on anyhow and dive in. But that time and effort is rewarded – the good news is that the chain is brought to a level of sharpness that in my opinion exceeds that of the factory specifications. I tried it on a chain that I thought was nearing the end of its useful life, the teeth were dull, of varying lengths, and the cutting angles were inconsistent, one go round with the Precision Grinder and every single fault was corrected, I was able to grind all the teeth to the same length, angle and razor sharpness to a degree that I had previously found impossible with a hand file (there was always some variation in one or other characteristic) – and I used it for accurately setting the raker height as well – a job that I would sometimes put off or not pay full attention to when hand-filing. The result with the Precision Grinder was a chain that sliced through 24 inch diameter long-dead sun-baked Eucalyptus wood like it was soft fresh pine.

      The other minor caveat was that this old chain required so much correction and renovation that there wasn’t much left of the grinding stone by the time I finished, but at a couple of bucks a-piece for the replacement stones, that’s a price I’m happy to pay for this level of sharpening success. And I would imagine a chain with less drastic wear-and-tear would take far less passes with the stone, so the one-and-done nature of this task would be rare.

      However I would still recommend buying a few replacement stones and possibly a Kool Grind lubricant stick at the same time as ordering the Precision Grinder, mainly because you’re going to be using this gadget a lot! Not only does it do a great job, it’s actually kind-of fun – not something you could ever say about filing by hand!

      Also, rather than run it off my truck battery, I wanted to use it indoors for ease of set-up first time round, so I connected it up to my bigger 12V trickle charger and that worked without any issue.

      Bottom line is that the end result (a very sharp chain!) is well worth going through the slightly intimidating learning curve of assembly and set-up, I used it once and by the time I’d filed the last tooth on the first chain with this grinder, I had the method down to a fine art and have total confidence that I could repeat it every time; whereas with hand filing (at least in my ham-fisted experience), it takes an extended period and a lot of of trial and error to master the technique enough to even start to get an acceptable consistent result. With this I know I’m going to get it right every time.

      It’s not cheap but still reasonably priced in comparison to rival devices, plus you spread that cost over dozens and dozens of chains and many years, to use a cliche – it pays for itself.

    9. Avatar forJeremy Schlinker

      Jeremy Schlinker

      I sharpened several chains with this now and I really like this grinder. It’s very easy to set up, and very quick to use once you get the hang of it. I really like knowing I’m always sharpening at the same angle. I’ve used several files, and a few other grinders and this is by far the easiest and best grinder in my opinion.

    10. Avatar forBen

      Ben (verified owner)

      I own my own tree care business, we use several saws daily with bars from 14” to 62”. While in the field we hand file but once a week we true all the chains we’ve used and this makes the process so much faster, saving me money in the long run.

    11. Avatar forJurjen

      Jurjen (verified owner)

      Just used this amazing tool made by Granberg. Took me about 45 min to set up it up from the beginning. (they even sent me a link from their YT channel in which they show you how it works) Sharpened a 70 tooth blade with a 10 degree angle and I am very happy with the result. They really thought about the design, it even includes the wrenches to tighten the grinder stone! So you will always have them with you in the field.

      Just hook it up to a battery and you’re good to go.

      The sticker on the machine says to wear glasses, I would also recommend earmuffs!

    12. Avatar forrick


      I have been cutting firewood over 47 years. Bought my first Stihl about 40 years ago. I own a Stihl 390 and a Dolmar 7910, both saws are really dependable, but to work the chains need to be sharp. The Granberg sharpener is the best I have ever owned, it is fast, easy, and dependable, so far! It takes a small amount of time to get used to how to set it up and how to use it. Once you use it a couple times it makes sharpening chains enjoyable,never though I would be saying that. It is making some internal noise but still works fine,buy the Kool Grind stick , will make your life better. 5 stars

    13. Avatar forLOUIS BARRETO


      Get this!

    14. Avatar forScott Pense

      Scott Pense (verified owner)

      Precision is the key. Every tooth in my opinion is better than factory. Razor sharp not Speedy but so worth the effort. Watch the video. You wont ever have a shop sharpen your chain again.

    15. Avatar forRonald W. Ankeny

      Ronald W. Ankeny

      I bought my sharpener three years ago. Stopped by this website to look at some other items. I mostly cut softwoods, but I have also cut 30+ cords of red elm and ash firewood in addition to who knows how many cords of fir and pine. I also sharpen chains for my brother. The Granberg sharpener has paid for itself many times over. Having sharpened dozens of chains, the set up that seems initially daunting becomes second nature. Not as fast as a file, but the results are exceptional, and you will never have to take a chain in to be sharpened.

    16. Avatar forJules Stock

      Jules Stock

      After using 3 times the motor today is clonking and sounding like it’s about to jam. Also the unit jams on the guide rails, so not at all a smooth to use. The inherent poor tolerances of the assembly combined with some poor design choices make this pretty much a mickey mouse throw away item for me, which is a shame.

    17. Avatar forTree of Life Wood Works

      Tree of Life Wood Works

      Achieving the proper angle on your ripping chain is paramount… in the field I usually hand file with the mill attached (which this grinder can be used in the field) but in the shop I always use this grinder to get my chain true. Runs off 12v so a battery is always near by. Buy extra stones because you will surely be using this exclusively! Highly recommended

    18. Avatar forlindsey granberg

      lindsey granberg (verified owner)

      Hi Eric. Thank you for your feedback and we understand your frustration. We are aware of the issue, and will be addressing this problem in future redesigns. In the meantime, it is a very easy fix. A few strokes of a flat file along the inside lip of the mount will eliminate the offset and allow you to use the tool on those larger bars. We can send you an instructional video via email.

    19. Avatar forJim Holmberg

      Jim Holmberg (verified owner)

      Amazing grinder! Sharpening chains by hand is a reasonable option for just in time fixes in the field. The Granberg takes your chain back up to a precision factory edge. Outstanding tool!

      Great call out by Brian on using the trickle charger as a power source!

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