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    All of Your Favorite American-Made LogOX Forestry Gear in One Portable Bag!

    LogOX has made the best forestry hand tool on the market even better, with five big
    improvements to the best-selling LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool, which the Forester
    Package is built around. Containing all of the best LogOX accessories as well, this
    package is designed to go with you everywhere you’re working with a chainsaw, log
    splitter, or portable sawmill.

    The Forester Package Includes:
    1. LogOX 3-IN-1 FORESTRY MULTITOOL – three essential firewood processing
    tools, bundled into one modular, compact, and portable tool design that quickly
    assembles with three Swing-Lock connection pins.

    21” HAULER- Lift, drag, and roll logs, without bending over. Scientifically proven
    to reduce the painful arm and back strain of repetitive motions like loading log
    rounds onto a log splitter by up to 93% vs lifting by hand.
    Its ergonomic design delivers an undeniable mechanical advantage, but unlike
    flimsy timber tongs, you can lift or drag as large of a log round with the LogOX
    Hauler as you’re physically capable of doing by hand.

    The LogOX Hauler now features a ½” longer hardwood cross handle to
    comfortably accommodate larger hands and/or heavy work gloves.
    The Hauler, with its ergonomic wooden cross handle and outstanding hook
    design, is also a superior cant hook to use for rolling smaller diameter logs.
    Especially on portable sawmill and firewood processor decks.

    Three “Swing-Lock Connection Pins” allow you to quickly add the cant handle
    and timberjack attachments to the Hauler and transition between tools, providing
    you with a smooth workflow and the right tool when you need it.

    40” CANT HOOK – Add the Cant Handle Extension to the Hauler, for more
    leverage & easier log handling. The laser sharp hook & chiseled toe, originally
    designed to lift log rounds, provide a secure grip you can trust while rolling heavy

    40″ TIMBERJACK – Elevate logs to quickly, safely, & easily buck firewood
    rounds. This prevents chain damage from accidental ground strikes and bar
    pinch. New Hi-Vis orange hook contrasts with log to improve chainsaw safety

    The new redesigned and patent-pending “BigFoot Timberjack” has 3.5X more
    ground contact than other timberjacks, providing a more stable elevated cutting
    platform. Curved front edge makes it easier to drag logs out of your way.

    The LogOX was designed in the woods of Vermont by an engineer and
    seasoned woodsman to be the most ergonomic, portable, and versatile forestry
    hand tool in the world. Its lightweight and modular design eliminates the need for
    multiple long handled tools and easily travels wherever you do. With a LogOX
    and a chainsaw, you have everything you need to process a downed tree from
    roots to leaves.

    The LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool is the top-rated and best-selling forestry hand
    tool of its kind in America. It’s a handcrafted professional-grade tool, guaranteed for
    life, and proudly manufactured in the USA from American steel and hardwood.
    Through a partnership with the non-profit organization Tree-Nation, with every
    Forester Package sold, LogOX will plant one tree to help create habitats for wildlife
    and restore the environment in deforested areas around the world.

    This multipurpose design is also an exceptional value, delivering the utility of
    three different forestry hand tools, sold separately for far more, into a single
    modular, compact, and portable package. The LogOX is hands down the best
    forestry hand tool in a modern wood cutter’s arsenal.

    2. HAULER HOLSTER – custom-designed premium leather and powder-coated US
    steel holster attaches to a standard 2” work belt. This allows you to place the
    LogOX Hauler conveniently on your belt while keeping your hands free to
    operate a log splitter in between loading log rounds. This must-have LogOX
    accessory prevents the self-defeating need to continually bend over to pick the
    Hauler up off the ground while operating the controls of machinery. Not intended
    to be used to transport the Hauler while walking.

    3. PICKOX PICKAROON ATTACHMENT – When attached to the included Cant
    Handle Extension with the same Swing-Lock connection pin, this pocket-
    sized picaroon attachment turns your LogOX into a 4-in-1 Forestry MultiTool.
    The versatile PickOX is perfect for picking up log rounds or split wood
    pieces, without bending over, safely dislodging stuck wood debris from a
    firewood processor, separating bucked rounds from a log pile, or unloading
    firewood from a truck bed or wagon. Features a replaceable hardened steel tip
    with a “keyhole” design that both smoothly bites into the wood for a secure hold
    and quickly releases it whenever the user chooses to.

    4. CARRYOX GEAR BAG- This heavy-duty, American-made, 18oz natural canvas
    gear bag is easy to spot in hi-vis orange. Its compact design makes storage and
    transportation a breeze, while still having plenty of room to carry all of your
    LogOX gear, PPE, and then some with 1,300 cubic inches of internal space.
    Custom designed for LogOX tools, it has two large internal Velcro-secured
    pockets to store smaller items, a rugged double layered bottom, double YKK
    zippers, and two long straps, which can either be carried by hand or worn like a

    Keep the Forester Package in your vehicle, alongside your
    chainsaw, and never worry about downed trees blocking your path ever again.
    Bottom line, firewood is THE best alternative, cost-effective, and
    renewable home heating fuel available as the cost of fossil fuel soars. With
    a LogOX in your hands, you’ll be harvesting firewood faster, safer, and easier than ever
    before. Factor in our lifetime warranty, and not only is this the last tool of its kind you’ll
    ever have to buy, but with the three additional accessories included in the LogOX
    Forester Package, it’s also an exceptional value for the best forestry tool in a modern
    woodsman’s arsenal.

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