Ripping Chains

For over 60 years, Granberg International has been committed to only selling products we can proudly put our name behind, that customers can trust to get the job done. Every part we sell is vital to creating a product our customers can be proud to use and create something beautiful. Details matter which is why we work so hard to provide quality products for every part of our Alaskan® Chainsaw Mills.

A properly sharpened and maintained ripping chain is critical to achieving the best possible end result when chainsaw milling. As the teeth on the chain dull, a new replacement chain is needed to keep cuts smooth, efficient, and safe to use. Dull teeth could cause uneven, more difficult cuts, and ultimately shorten the life of your saw through overwork. Replacements chains are a very important part of providing you with the best possible milling experience.  Causing the chainsaw to work harder than necessary due to a dull chain could cause other parts to burn out that could have been saved by replacing the ripping chain in a timely manner.

  • .325 x .050 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • .325 x .058 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • .325 x .063 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • .404 x .063 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • 3/8 X .050 LOW PRO Ripping Chain- PRE-CUT CHAIN

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  • 3/8 x .050 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • 3/8 x .058 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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  • 3/8 x .063 Ripping Chain – PRE CUT CHAIN

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Ripping Chain Sizes

Replacement chains come in different sizes based on the size of the chainsaw’s drive sprocket and bar groove gauge. Generally, you can find the needed information (pitch, gauge and drive link count) for ordering a replacement ripping chain on the bar of the chainsaw. Using this information,  you can order your replacement ripping chain. If the information has been worn off or was never there, to begin with, you can figure out the size of the chain by following the steps here on this graphic we have created. There is also a chart showing pitch/gauge for ripping chains and part numbers for each size. 

We provide a wide variety of ripping chain sizes to accommodate nearly any chainsaw. Our replacement chains come in:

  • .325 Pitch .050 Gauge
  • .325 Pitch .058 Gauge
  • .325 Pitch .063 Gauge
  • .404 Pitch .063 Gauge
  • ⅜ Low Pro .050 Gauge
  • ⅜ Pitch .050 Gauge
  • ⅜ Pitch .058 Gauge

⅜ Pitch .063 Gauge
Unfortunately, we do not offer ‘micro’ (.043 gauge) ripping chain, since most bars and saws that use it are not powerful enough to use for chain saw milling.

What Makes Our Ripping Chains Different?

Our ripping chains at Granberg International are unique in that we offer ripping chains that feature specific modifications to the top plate. Our manufacturing process leaves off approximately half of the tooth’s width on both the first and second cutter links of each four-link group. By doing this, each tooth takes only ¼ of the kerf, takes less feeding pressure than a conventional ripping chain, takes less power than a conventional full tooth (cross-cut) chain, and cuts faster and smoother than traditional ripping chains. No other company in the world has chainsaw chains modified like this. 

Our unique design makes our ripping chains one-of-a-kind and the highest quality ripping chain on the market. This design makes milling easier overall while also being safer for sawyers to use. By manufacturing our ripping chains this way, we can help save you time and money in the long run by not requiring as much power from a chainsaw and creating faster, smoother cuts. This creates a safer environment to work in without compromising quality or durability.

To see how to order a replacement ripping chain on our website and put in the link count to ensure proper sizing, you can watch our How-To video on YouTube here. We also show how to order more than one replacement chain if you would like to keep a backup on hand or need to order more than one. There are also lots of other helpful videos about our Alaskan® Chainsaw Mills and other parts on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe.

For quality chainsaw products you can trust, Granberg International is the place for you. Whether you are a professional sawyer using a chainsaw mill at work every day or a hobbyist working from home on the weekends, our ripping chains will help make creating a clean, smooth cut faster and easier for every project. Safety is number one when working with chainsaws, which is why we have put so much time and energy into creating products that can be relied upon every day. We believe in our products and that quality is key for a safe and happy lifelong client.

For questions about our replacement ripping chains or any other products we sell on our website, contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the parts you need quickly and efficiently so you can get back to creating something amazing with your Alaskan® chainsaw mill.