At Granberg International, our family owned and operated business prides itself on creating products and packages that meet the needs of our customers. Our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C-2 and C-3 Packages are no exception. Since 1954, we have been creating milling products right here in the USA that make the milling experience as easy as possible. We continually push to create the optimal milling experience  through ongoing product development and innovation. Whether you are just getting started as a DIY-er at home or you are an experienced sawyer, we are confident you will find the perfect products to help you create something incredible.

We designed our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C-2 and C-3 Packages as a complete package: everything you need to start milling. Each of our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill Packages includes an Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill, a Double Ended Bar, one loop of Granberg Ripping Chain, a Helper Handle, an Oiler Kit, the Slabbing Rail Brackets, and the Precision Grinder. The only difference in each package is the size of the mill, bar and chain. 

The difference between the C-3 chainsaw mill and the C-2 packages is that the C-3 package comes with a loop of ⅜ pitch chain whereas the C-2 package comes with a .404 pitch chain. 

Our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C-2 Packages are available in 30”, 36”, 48”, 72”, and 84” lengths. Our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C-3 Packages have chainsaw mills with 30” and 36” length.

  • 30″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C3 Package – G778-30C3

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  • 30″ ALASKAN® MK-IV C2 Package – G778-30C2

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  • 36″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-36C2

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  • 36″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C3 Package – G778-36C3

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  • 48″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-48C2

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  • 56″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-56C2

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  • 60″ ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-60C2

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  • 72” ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-72C2

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  • 84” ALASKAN® MARK IV C2 Package – G778-84C2

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Each product in our Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C-2 and C-3 Packages has been selected to ensure you get everything you need to start milling as soon as your package arrives. For quality products you can count on to get the job done and last for years to come, Granberg International is the place for you. We look forward to seeing what amazing things you create using our products at home and at work. For more information about our C packages or any of our products, you can contact us through our Contact Us page or check out our YouTube channel for tutorials and helpful tips.

Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mills

The Alaskan® MKIV chainsaw mills are equipped with the latest design and material upgrades.  A few of the more significant changes include less vibration than the previous model, easier adjustment, and almost virtual indestructibility. Because our chainsaw mills are so easy to use, no prior experience is needed for any size chainsaw mill. The Alaskan® MKIV chainsaw mill is the best option for anyone in the market for a chainsaw mill. Whether you are a homeowner, woodworker, arborist or professional sawyer, the incredible accuracy and durability of the Alaskan Chainsaw mill makes it the best option for you.

Double Ended Bar

The double ended bars allow users to mount two saws to a single bar to increase milling speed, or use with a single chain saw of sufficient power, along with the Helper Handle and Oiler Kit, included in these packages.

Helper Handle with roller

The helper handle was designed in the 1960s and is used to maintain chain tension and provide a grip point on the end of the bar not equipped with a power head.

Oiler Kit

The oiler kit is used for extra lubrication for Alaskan® mill bars. This kit can help extend the saw bar life by providing cooler cutting and preventing early bar wear. A double ended bar, which is included in the C packages, always requires an oiler kit for maximum utility.

Slabbing Rail Bracket

The slabbing rail brackets are made from aluminum extrusion rail and attach to any length 2x4s (not included in package) to create a guide for the chainsaw mill to sit on for the first pass through the log. The brackets must be bolted to the 2x4s with carriage bolts and then attached to the log using the included forming nails. The cutting length is determined  by the length of the 2x4s and the location of the drilled holes.

Precision Grinder

Our 12-volt, 24,000 rpm motorized precision grinder is a chain saw sharpener made of cast aluminum, molded polycarbonate, and zinc-plated steel. You can use the calibrated swivel guide to set and hold the correct sharpening angle, and other integrated features allow users to set the file height and tooth length. The precision grinder includes one stone of each of the most common sizes (5/32”, 3/16”, and 7/32”) to sharpen any standard chain pitch.

Ripping Chain

Our ripping chain is one-of-a-kind in that it features specific modifications to the top plate. The process shaves off about half of the tooth lengthwise on both the first and second cutter links of each four-link group. This allows each tooth on the ripping chain to only take ¼ of the kerf (as opposed to ½, like you would get any other brand of chain), meaning that it encounters less feeding pressure than traditional ripping chain, takes less power, and leaves behind a smoother finish.