Granberg International has been perfecting and streamlining products made right here in the USA since 1954. For quality products you can trust, we should be your number one choice. Our family-owned and operated business strives to add value to the lives of each of our customers through creativity and innovation. Our line of Alaskan® Chainsaw Mills and accessories create opportunities for ingenuity and craftsmanship for our customers that has been handed down from generation to generation.

The Alaskan® Mill has a variety of options to accommodate anything from small, at-home projects to larger commercial jobs. No experience is needed thanks to our simple, easy-to-use design. Each product was created with the customer in mind, from the more precision milled end brackets to the lightweight materials for portability and virtual indestructibility.

Be sure to check out our FAQ page for any other questions you have about the Alaskan® Mill or any of our other parts and accessories we offer at Granberg International. For videos and tutorials about our Alaskan® Mill chainsaws and their add-ons, check out our YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you and creating something extraordinary.

Alaskan® Mill Bundles

Our Alaskan® Mill Bundles are designed with our customers and their projects in mind. The bundles include the Homeowner Bundle and three sizes of Backcountry Bundles with the Alaskan® MK-IV Mill, including 24”, 30”, and 36” mills. Each bundle is designed to get you started milling immediately. The Homeowner Bundle includes the Alaskan® Small Log Mill, Slabbing Rail Bracket Set, and a Precision Grinder. The Backcountry Bundle includes Alaskan® MK-IV Mill (24”, 30” or 36”), Edging Mill, Slabbing Rail Bracket Set, and a Precision Grinder.

Alaskan® MKIV

The Alaskan® MKIV chainsaw mill has size options from 24” to 84”. This is the newest design of our Alaskan® chainsaw line and is more durable and versatile than the old cast aluminum design. Some of the more notable changes include less vibrations than the older version, more accurate end brackets that are easier to adjust, and it is virtually indestructible. All of this along with the fact that no prior experience is needed for any size chainsaw mill and its incredible accuracy makes the Alaskan® MKIV the best quality chainsaw mill on the market today for anyone, be they homeowners, woodworkers, arborists, or professional sawyers.

Alaskan® Small Log Mill

The Alaskan® Small Log Mill is perfect for customers looking to use a lighter-duty chain saw to mill lumber where the tree falls or to make slabs, planks, and beams. The Alaskan® Small Log Mill can cut logs up to 18” wide and ½” to 13” deep. It is clamped directly to the chainsaw bar by tightening pressure bolts onto the chain bar so no drilling is required.

Alaskan® Winch

The Alaskan® Winch is a hand winch for the Alaskan® Mill, sold separately from the mill and chainsaw. The advantage of the Alaskan® Winch is its ability to make milling easier and the cut smoother with its fall away return anchor, which allows the user to cut right to the end of a log. The Alaskan® Winch is incredibly strong, durable,lightweight, and easily attaches to the cross rails of the MKIV and Small Log Mill. In an effort to continue improving our products, the Alaskan® Winch now includes a friction screw to help prevent the winch from unspooling when not in use. Spare parts including winch rope can be purchased online if needed to extend the use life of the winch or expand its capability

Edging Mill

The Edging Mill, previously known as the Mini Mill, is perfect for making dimensional lumber or squaring logs for cabins and other wood structures. The Edging Mill is attached by tightening the pressure bolts on to a solid steel bar. Twelve feet of V-rail guide in two-foot sections are included with the mill, and additional V-rail can be purchased separately.

Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C2-C3 Packages

The Alaskan® MKIV Chainsaw Mill C2-C3 Packages include the Alaskan® Mark IV C2 or C3 and the Alaskan® MK-IV C2 with mill options ranging in size from 30’’ to 84”. These packages are designed with our customers in mind to get you milling right away. Each package includes an Alaskan® Mark IV, a Double Ended Bar, one loop of Granberg Ripping Chain, a Helper Handle, Oiler Kit, Slabbing Rail Brackets, and a Precision Grinder.


Each of our add-on accessories are designed to make our products even better or make your job easier. From our Roller Bracket System that is easy to install and helps lower friction, to our Extended Depth Posts that increase the maximum cutting depth, each accessory has a specific use for unique situations or making life simpler. Not all of our add-ons work with every chainsaw mill, so be sure to read the descriptions before purchasing.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are available for purchase for all of our products we sell. While we design our products to last, in this industry, anything can happen. The smallest mistake can loosen a screw that falls out or break an end bracket. We suggest purchasing our Small Parts bag to have extra hardware on hand so work can continue quickly if any small parts need to be replaced.