A closeup view of the Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener on white background.

Granberg International Celebrates Feature in The Spruce’s “Best Chainsaw Sharpeners of 2024”

Exciting news from the Granberg International family! We’re honored to be featured in The Spruce’s esteemed list of the “Best Chainsaw Sharpeners of 2024.” Our Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener has been highlighted as the top choice for bar-mounted sharpeners, showcasing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Granberg’s Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener: A Cut Above Crafted with…

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A man doing chainsaw milling.

4 Simple Tips on How to Get Started with Chainsaw Milling

Most beginner chainsaw millers start with a small homeowner saw, and that’s fine if you’re not sure how to approach this business or new hobby (or both). This blog will guide you on the basics of chainsaw milling and help you get started. Chainsaw milling is a woodworking technique that allows productions of boards and…

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A Power Saw sitting on a tree stump.

Beginner-friendly guide: Getting started with chainsaw milling

If you’re wondering what chainsaw milling is, it’s cutting logs into planks using a frame mounted on your chainsaw. It’s an excellent way to turn unwanted logs into something useful, and it can save you a lot of money compared to a bandsaw or contracting with a wood processor. When people say chainsaws are dangerous,…

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DIY Chainsaw Mills versus Granberg Alaskan® Small Log Mill

There are a lot of blog posts and videos you can find online that share how to build a DIY chainsaw mill from scratch. These DIY chainsaw mills vary in complexity, price, and materials, so today we’re going to see how a couple of these stack up against the Granberg Alaskan® Small Log Mill and…

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The Roller Bracket is the perfect add to your mill! Made of glass-infused wheels and heavy-duty steel bushings, it brings new durability to your favorite accessory! This accessory ensures a smoother start to the cut. The roller bracket easily replaces the stock clamping bracket, and it Installs in minutes! It handles the heat from the…

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Granberg’s Edging Mill -G555B

The Granberg Edging Mill is ideal for making dimensional lumber or squaring logs for cabins and other structures. Use it to reduce the diameter of a log or to cut beams to precise lengths for flooring or siding. Lastly, it’s a fantastic partner to go with your Alaskan Mill! Always good reviews from our customers!

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F210 Dual Sharp (12V)

THE IDEAL SHARPENER FOR HOMEOWNERS,LANDSCAPERS OR ARBORISTS The right Sharpener for crosscut chain saws and hedge trimmers!!! The history behind a sharpener Elof Granberg, founder of Granberg International, designed this tool in the late 90’s after some folks approached him at a show asking if we made sharpeners for hedge trimmers.It was a big success…

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Granberg’s Clip-N-Trim

Great tool to have in your truck if you’re a landscaper or tree care professional and have a small chain saw. Mounts in a few minutes with just one bolt and the case cover and you’re ready to cut the heavy stuff. Elof Granberg invented the Clip-n-Trim in the early 70’s after someone complained that…

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